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Tyra Deanna is a non-denominational pro-life speaker. She is a published author of four books and counting . Tyra has been and educator for over 14 years and brings a wealth of knowledge to parenting. Tyra shares and amazing story of overcoming obstacle a woman of faith.  

Tyra Deanna specializes in these topics:

  • Finding your destiny and purpose 
  • Setting students free 
  •  Telling the story of how a Crisis Pregnancy Counselor saved she and her baby 
  •  Bringing Christ back into our schools 
  •  Dating Issues 
  •  Parenting Classes with Certificate   
  • Parenting Seminars 
  • Non-denominational women conferences     

Publishing Help

 Tyra can coach you through the publishing and marketing process. Email her about coaching fees.

For interviews and questions

 Please email Tyra directly : 

Out of the Ashes (Trailer)

Tyra Hodge's Out of the Ashes 

The first book in the A Wounded Daughter's Diary Series